A new era in digital artwork has arrived with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed us artists and content creators to explore other forms of creativity, it has expanded the possibilities of materializing an idea and we have been able to realize works that were previously unimaginable. Down there you will find three (3) different results that I got with my prompts in two AI tools: Dall-e in Bing, and Leonardo.ai

A digital artwork of Freddie Mercury in gothic cartoon style
We can create diverse styles with IA technology, like this cartoon. We are the directors of the play

As someone who works in the world of entertainment and advertising, I wanted to test some of the most resonant image-generation technologies and I share my results here.

A redhead young woman using glasses. She is thinking and sitting in a library

I must say that I really enjoyed the process and as I created images, more ideas came to mind to generate new ones.

My personal opinion of this technology is that AI has been one of the best inventions for people who have a great need to create new worlds and explore fantasy and other themes like never before.

The mermaid – Ai.artwork

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