About me

Graphic Designer, Visual Artist and Writer

I’m a creative artist  known by the real name of Ingrid Alexandra Morales S. Better known as Ingrid Steele on Social Media. Born in Venezuela some springs ago. In few words, restless mind, sometimes sarcastic, occasionally happier than usual, with multiple artistic passions, and a deep love for animals. I have interest for the human mind and its processes. My three great passions, drawing, writing and enjoy good music.

Since childhood, I was involved in the media world, starting with theater, radio and later television and film. I grew significantly with every experience, thanks to that, I am who I am today.
I consider myself as someone continually refreshed, motivated toward achievement and fascinated by the novelty.

Why Katzenfrau 007?

Well, for those who have questions about the name of this page, let me tell you that it suddenly emerged after I did a personality test  and the relation with the animal world. The result that I got was a cat, so I joined two words: cat and woman which mean in German “Katzenfrau”. I adopted this Nickname some years ago, to sign in some social media related to art and graphics, so I wanted to create my page with the same name.

Nowadays, I’m dedicated to create pieces of art in different specialties. Sometimes making digital portraits, sculpting, creating characters, painting or writing. Feel free to contact me for any project. My  twitter account @katzenfrau007



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