A new era in digital artwork has arrived with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed us artists and content creators to explore other forms of creativity, it has expanded the possibilities of materializing an idea and we have been able to realize works that were previously unimaginable. Down there you will find three (3) different results that I got with my prompts in two AI tools: Dall-e in Bing, and Leonardo.ai

A digital artwork of Freddie Mercury in gothic cartoon style
We can create diverse styles with IA technology, like this cartoon. We are the directors of the play

As someone who works in the world of entertainment and advertising, I wanted to test some of the most resonant image-generation technologies and I share my results here.

A redhead young woman using glasses. She is thinking and sitting in a library

I must say that I really enjoyed the process and as I created images, more ideas came to mind to generate new ones.

My personal opinion of this technology is that AI has been one of the best inventions for people who have a great need to create new worlds and explore fantasy and other themes like never before.

The mermaid – Ai.artwork

If you want to continue enjoying the works that I will be generating with this technology and knowing a little more of the story behind it, I invite you to follow me on my Instagram account @katzenfrau007 where you will get more content.

Why do we cry when someone who we didn’t meet dies? R.I.P Mike Taylor “Beard Guy” from Walk off the Earth

mike taylor the beard guy - walk off the earth
The last December 30, 2018, Mike Taylor a great Canadian musician member of the band Walk off the Earth, passed away. It was an unexpected death that took us both fans and their bandmates, by surprise. Although I just found this sad news today, after the honoring concert to the Beard Guy the last Sunday 13, of this year, it was equally heartbreaking for me. 😦 After that, I just wanted to remember the best moments that Mike gave us with WOTE through these years and I found out in Youtube comments, a statement that caught up my attention:

“I don’t know why but I cried when I heard this tribute. I have been listening to WOTE for years, but it’s not like I knew them personally and I don’t usually get emotional when celebrities or people I never met die. And Beard guy never spoke at the beginning but that was ok, that was his thing, that was the running joke at first til he surprised us all when he finally spoke in a video haha. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the fact that beard guy was so calm, maybe his calmness made me feel relaxed, maybe he had the reassurance that a close family member would have when they wanted you to know everything would be ok, maybe it was the cool vibes he gave off, maybe it was his majestic beard, maybe it was his strong protective shadow that hovered over the group, maybe it was the way he could say so much without saying anything at all. Idk why, but I cried, I felt like something was missing in my life just because he passed away”.

And I felt the same, I cried when I knew the new, I cried with the tribute. And besides all the reasons that this user “SanFranXclips” in Youtube, above gave, I also think that for most of us WOTE is like a big family who has built a true bond of love and union between them and between their fans. We have watched them grew up as human beings and as a band. They have shared with us through social media all their adventures, their dreams, their sadness and their happy moments, even the birth of some of their children 💖, and for all that is impossible for me not to feel sad when I saw Sarah breaking down in tears to dedicate some words to her friend, to her brother, as she said during the concert in honor of Mike.
WOTE has given me many moments of happiness and for me, they are more than a band, they are friends too, they are my happy playlist when I need some kind of inspiration, and my thoughts and support are with them in these hard moments.

walk off the earth2

WOTE (Joel Cassady, Gianni Luminati, Sarah Blackwood, Ryan Marshall, Mike Taylor «Beard Guy»).

To finish, some people believe that humans are like batteries that can be charged with the interaction between each other, in other words, we exchange energy all the time and maybe it could be another reason for why we cry when someone who touched our lifes in a special way, suddenly dies, a part of us dies with them too.
However, I want to give thanks to Walk off the Earth for all these years and for bringing their magical music to our ears and for making part of that beautiful project to such a nice, positive and lovely person as Mike Taylor. He will always be in the hearts of every one of us.
Peace and love guys, (a fan from a far, far away land named Venezuela).

Albert Einstein portrait

Now, you can find and buy my prints in https://displate.com/katzenfrau007/celebrities-of-the-world?art=5bfdc310ded20 If you want to give a surprise this Christmas to someone who loves science or who is a great admirer of Albert Einstein, maybe this is a great opportunity for both of you.

Albert Einstein con marco2 2018 8baja resolucion


ENG – One of my favorite works last year, was this illustration cover that I created for the EDIQUID editor . You can find more info about their books here. (Now, Grupo Igneo). I hope you love this work as much as I do.

SPA – Uno de mis trabajos favoritos el año pasado, fue esta portada ilustrada que diseñé para la Editorial EDIQUID. Pueden encontrar más información acerca de sus libros aquí. (Ahora , Grupo Igneo). Espero les guste este trabajo, tanto como a mí.

Katzenfrau007 Ingrid Steele, Ingrid A. Morales S.


Ladybug stickers

(English) A client asked me the last week for some stickers of Ladybug to decorate the Candy bar of his daughter, and this was part of the collection that I designed for.

(Spanish) Un cliente me pidió la semana pasada unas calcomanías con el diseño de unas mariquitas, para decorar la barra de dulces de su hija, y esta fue parte de la colección que yo diseñé.

ponquecitos con banderines - cupcakes flags by Katzenfrau007