Pepito – colored pencils (branding)

Some years ago for a School project, I painted with colored pencils a bag of a popular snack in my country «Pepito», these are inflated corn sticks with cheese flavor and the task was drawing on a large scale the packaging and partially paint it to see the contrast between the outline of the drawing and the finished art in full color.


Peter Steele and Bass

Today I wanted to make a new drawing of Peter Steele. No matter how many times I have drawn him, he is always difficult for me, due to all the shadows and dark places where he appears.

Dibujo de Peter Para Instagram

Inktober day30 Jolt

Inktober is coming to the end, just one day left and today I just could think in one thing about Jolt, that moment after the bath when my dog comes out! hahaha

Inktober está llegando a su final, sólo un día queda y hoy sólo pude pensar en una cosa acerca de la palabra «sacudida» ese momento después del baño cuando mi perro sale! jajaja

Inktober plantilla image 30

Inktober day28 Gift

Happy and beautiful Sunday! I wish that no matter where you are, you can always appreciate the wonders that you have every day. With this illustration, I celebrate the day 28 in this Inktober, because everything that we have in this world is a true gift.

¡Feliz y hermoso domingo! Que donde quiera que se encuentren sepan valorar las maravillas que tienen en su día diario. Con esta ilustración celebro el día 28 de este Inktober, porque todo lo que tenemos en este mundo es un verdadero regalo.

Inktober image 28

Inktober day27 Thunder

Today I pay homage to the God of Thunder that terrifies me when he starts with his electric shocks.


Hoy le rindo homenaje a ese Dios del trueno que tanto me aterra cuando empieza con sus descargas eléctricas.

Inktober image 27