My steam cat

It’s kitties time! Since I can’t have a cat, I created my own virtual feline pet with the same style I have. Now, the @katzenfrau007 lady (me), is happy. I hope only the best to all of you this day, have a great kittie day.

A kitty with hat, hugging a corn. Digital art by: katzenfrau007
Prompt: Ingrid Steele (katzenfrau007)
An orange cute cat resting with a corn. Digital art by Katzenfrau007

A starry night and a dream

A starry night of full moon swimming with dolphins. Author: katzenfrau007
Starry night by katzenfrau007

Sweet dreams are made of this. When we dream, we escape sometimes to fantastic, mystical, magical worlds… Like a starry night swimming with dolphins. In my dreams I contemplate better the beauty of the waking world… I hope you all have a nice dream tonight Tool: dall•e, Prompt: @katzenfrau007